Crisis Management

Break The Chains!

Break The Chains!

If a PR crisis is standing in the way of your success, then let us help you break free so you and your business can continue to do what you do best.

Today’s news cycle breaks faster than ever, because of social media and the 24-hour news cycle. When a crisis breaks, there is no time to make decisions by committee when an immediate response is necessary

We understand how to guide you through these turbulent times and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Are you ready to protect your business from a potential PR crisis by implementing simple digital marketing solutions?

Let’s evaluate your crisis by taking these steps:



  • Is it really a crisis?
  • How severe is it?
  • What platforms would be best to engage?


Educating Media

  • Contact & educate
  • Develop consistent messaging and talking points
  • No confusion or misinformation


Begin Outreach

  • Reach out to affected groups and organizations and platforms
  • Social Media
  • YouTube Videos
  • Press Releases



  • Have we managed and resolved the crisis?
  • Begin Positive PR campaign

We develop a targeted and customized strategy for every client.

We utilize paid media

to develop our client’s brands.

Today, more and more of our clients are turning to our agency for “earned media,” where we develop timely, relevant and persuasive stories for the media. Our creativity, enables our clients to stand out from the daily clutter.


We create, plan and execute TV campaigns that get results.


Creating radio that cuts through the clutter and gets noticed.


Reaching our clients Goals with Data-Driven Tactics & Innovative Technology.


Our boldly imaginative print and design services deliver your message loud and clear.


Connecting brands with unique street-level media options.

Meet Dr. Steve Wiseth

As a chiropractor who has ran multiple clinics, scaled to seven figures, climbed to the top of the profession, he has also been through ALL of the highs and lows that a chiropractor goes through.

Because of this experience, he is uniquely positioned to help you overcome adversity, breakthrough your limiting beliefs, and take your practice to the #NextLevel.

Dr. Steve is also an Enneagram Enthusiast and uses his understanding of each individuals' personality to work together with them to get the best results.

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