Pre-suasion Videos

Increase Your Patient Retention

What if there was a way to make your patients more receptive to your care plans even before their report of findings?

If you sent a well-crafted and well scripted video to your patients before every transitional phase of care, you will literally be holding their hand along the way, and you’ll see the results in your conversion and retention.


We utilize the teachings from one of the top psychologists to create videos to automatically send to your new and existing patients to help them transition through each phase of care.

Robert Cialdini’s new book deals with PRE-suasion – the process of arranging for patients to be receptive to a message BEFORE they encounter it.

It is essentially the psychological frame you deliver your message in.

And the frame matters, a lot!

Cialdini spent years studying the top sales people, marketers, negotiators, and public speakers, and what he noticed was that the top performers spent a lot more time in crafting what they do and say before making a request than on the request itself.

The Best Way to Preframe!

When your patients know what to expect, they are far more likely to show up and follow through with your recommendations.

That’s why I’ve outlined and created these video templates explaining to your patients what to expect, so you can thread them through the different phases of care in your office.

I call them Pre-Suasion videos.

These videos don’t replace, the exam, report, and resign.

You still need to do those obviously, but these videos help to fill in the gaps and cover up the some things that you may have missed.

Day 1 - What To Expect

What if you had a video, that you could send out, when new patients schedule, to tell them exactly what to expect on their first visit or Day 1?

With this video, you get to control the first impression.

You get to control the environment.

You get to control how the conversation goes.

Your patient understands where to go, what to do, and what is to be expected. Because of this video alone, you are already on track to increase your patient retention.

Day 2 - Report of Findings

What if you had video that explains what to expect on Day 2, where you can future pace, and already start breaking down objections?

What if you could offload some of your, (already too long) report of findings and automate it with video?

What if ... You could these concepts to help streamline your entire new patient process?

Have you ever had to deal with more than 40 new patients in a day?

How would you do that all by yourself.

This is the next best thing to cloning yourself!

Day 3 - Welcome Video

When a patient starts care, it is really only just the beginning.

There is so much you want to say.

How to follow your care plan recommendations.

How to reschedule if you can't make it in.

How to refer your friends and family.

With this video you are setting your new patients up for success by letting them know all of your office policies and ways they can connect with you.

Resign Videos

What if you could just retain more of the patients you already had in your office?

The resign is where most docs have a leaky bucket.

Fixing your resign will make the biggest impact on your PVA.

Implementing these video will improve your education process, You’ll connect with patients more and increase their certainty about Chiropractic and you’ll Master how to get patients to stay after their initial health concerns are resolved.

Teleprompter Scripts

One of the biggest roadblocks to creating videos for most docs is that they don't know what to say.

If you know what to say, you'll more likely record the video.

And better yet, if you can read it off of a teleprompter, it will most likely be a whole lot better than just winging it.

Hey, you can wing it if you got the personality and know what to say. (Sometimes that is exactly what we recommend)

But if your like most people, You want to follow a script.

We have them all Done-For-You, all you have to do is insert your name and tweak it just a bit and your all set.

Custom Animations

This is an amazing set of custom animations with your office logo to use in all of your office videos moving forward.

With this set of animations you’ll bring your professionalism and office image to the next level. You’ll finally be able to get rid of the cold opens and weak call to actions that everybody else does.

Not only will they make you look better on camera, but these animations will make editing your videos easier for you down the road.

I’ve already done all the heavy lifting and made the connections so its super easy for you. All I need from you is your logo files and we are good to go.

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