Reactivation Campaigns

Automating Your Patient Recall Systems

The pandemic has whipped most everyone’s overbooked calendar into something much more manageable.

That wouldn’t sound so bad had it not hit our chiropractic patient appointment schedule equally hard with canceled appointments and missed visits.

But as society returns to a functional state, chiropractors will seek to prudently fully re-open their practices and refill their appointment books.

Re-activations will be a crucial component of our return to meaningful production. This blog will answer the question: How to start patient recalls & reactivate.

Automation Software

Our software is designed exactly for this type of campaign.

The last thing your staff wants to do is to call people on the phone all day to try and get them to come back in.

Why not automate the process?

We have!

With us you can send out all of the following through Automation:

  • SMS Marketing Sequences
  • Email Marketing Sequences
  • Voicemail Drops
  • Automated Follow Ups

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